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Hi, I’m 24 year old, I developed mild asthma when I was 15.

Since then I have been using inhalers, I never had a bad asthma attack only mild, short of breath.

I mainly only use inhaler when I do sports, such as running or gym.

Lately I have been using it more and more often, I find out from my doctor that I have been using it wrong, apparently there is two type of inhalers, a short effect inhaler and a preventer. I have been using the short effect inhaler since the beginning, but this only helps for the day I use it.

My lungs seems to be inflamed due to not been using the inhaler that actually prevents the asthma.

My doctor prescribed me a brown inhaler with steroids 100 micro grams, to use 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the evening, every day even if I’m well.

I’m just slightly scared because I don’t want to be dependent on it, it feels like I will be relying on this inhaler more than ever before.

I heard that this brown steroid inhaler can bring some side effects, like nose bleeds, sore mouth, oral thrust fungus infections???

I have not started to use it yet, I should get my prescription tomorrow and start tomorrow just slightly scared about this new change… Does this sound alright?

Will I feel better by starting using the brown steroid inhaler?

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