First exercise induced asthma attack : Asthma

Gave up all long term meds : Asthma

I have a long history with asthma, but I’m lucky because it’s normally very mild. I typically only struggle with it for a month after getting cold, flu, etc. I started running over a year ago, and though it feels like I have to breathe a little harder than a person of my age and fitness without asthma, it’s been all good. Well today I ran a sprint at the track. It was really windy. I had intense pain in my chest like my lungs were exploding. I immediately stopped running but I couldn’t catch my breath and then started coughing incessantly with the pain still in my chest. I didn’t realize what was happening for a while, but eventually I wizened up and used my rescue inhaler. It was like i was disoriented. Im okay now but I still have a small cough, mild tightness in my chest, and mucus production. I also just feel exhausted. Has anyone else had a sudden exercise induced attack when that’s not “normal” for them? I feel so discouraged. I thought my condition had improved and I would be so sad if it hindered my ability to run. I’m the only person in my circle of family/friends with asthma and I don’t think they realize just how frustrating and scary it can be.

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