No health insurance and I need a refill on my inhaler is there any way i can get an inhaler without coverage and when i did have coverage I would have to ask my doctor for my inhaler prescription every time. I have intermittent asthma : Asthma

Terrible asthma and no insurance : Asthma

Whether you have questions relating to asthma or simply wish to talk, this community is for you. We are a small subreddit, but nearly all posts receive a response.

Asthma first aid

Asthma treatment and medication

Is it asthma?

  • Advice should be backed up by empirical evidence.

Some flexibility is given here if it provokes discussion but any dangerous advice or advice with no known efficacy will be immediately removed.

  • No soliciting or offering a source of drugs.

This includes links to drug shops online, darknet markets or offering to send your own medication. Sorry.

We currently do not allow surveys as in the past they have been of poor quality or of no benefit to the community.

Don’t delay. If an asthma attack is severe and not improving, call for emergency assistance.

Seek the advice of a physician before counting on this subreddit for diagnosis and treatment options.

Don’t take everything as relevant or true even if it is coming from someone claiming to be a professional.

Read Reddit’s medical information disclaimer.

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