PTSD from asthma attack? : Asthma

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Hello, I hope this post is allowed here, but I have a question. Can someone obtain PTSD from a serious asthma attack?

About 3 months ago (Feb.15 2018) I was sitting on the toilet doing my business, when suddenly I started weezing out of no where. I wasn’t really worried because I had an inhaler in my room (which I used a couple times a day when exactly this happened.)

BTW this all takes place at Job Corps, a residential job training center. This took place after hours, around 10:00 pm in the dorm with very limited staff on center and no nurse.

So, I get up from the toilet and walk to my room to grab my inhaler. I walk back to the toilets with it thinking “Im going to sit down, relax..take this inhaler and hopefully finish taking this dump” sorry for the language. But oddly enough, my inhaler absolutely didn’t work one bit. And my ability to breath was declining really fast. I was honestly panicked because this never happened before!

It was maybe 5 seconds later from that point where my ability to breath had completely stopped. I never experienced a fear like that in my whole life. I quickly get up from the toilet and run to my RA’s office. He’s not there. FUCK!
So now I’m running down the stairs I had to go down to get to one of the other dorms on campus… I went to the closest one, the RA was there… barged into his office and fell to my knees while flashing my inhaler at his face. He knew what was going on and immediately called out on the walkie talkie for someone to call ems another to potentially give CPR and another to run and get the AED.

Time was going so slow. At this point, I was breathless for maybe 1 -1/2 minutes and I was obvious to everything. Felt like I was drunk? But the utter fear was still there.
I finally blacked out into nowhere land. Just pitch blackness.
I was out. Maybe dead?

I wake up in the hospital. Probably 12 nurses and doctors surround me. I have this huge mask on me with tubes down it, and it’s breathing for me WTF. At first I didn’t know what the fuck is happening. so I jumped out of bed and they had to restrain me. Apparently it’s been over 35 mins I was out.

My first question I shouted out “did I just fucking die?! ”
Their response “no you’re not dead” “were glad you woke up when you did, we were about to intubate you”
I look down and find out I’m naked. Guess they cut my shirt (normal protocol) and threw my pants and boxers away because I defacated while I was unconscious or dead.

Anyways I spend the next 2 days in ICU and I’m all good.
Diagnosis was – severe hypoxia respiratory failure, status asthmaticus

I’m 24 years old, and nothing before happened like this, especially so suddenly. I’ve been having nightmares and flashbacks that make me super squirmish lately and it’s crazy scary.

I know I might have made this story seem humorous at times but this is for real.

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