Running at 90% of my peak flow for a few weeks. It’s no emergency, but feels tight–would you call the doctor? : Asthma

I have exercise- and cold weather-induced asthma. Am I boned? : Asthma

So, for the past few weeks, keeping on my usual controlled medications, I have been feeling tight and slightly cough-y; I am running at around 270-280 of my usual feel-good 300 peak flows.

Albuterol brings me back up to 300 and it feels a lot better, but 270-280 is no emergency. It feels whiny to call the doctor.

On the other hand, I used to maintain 300 as a matter of course when well-controlled, and I am pregnant, about 4.5 months through.

Would you call the doctor? (I seriously hate feeling like I showed up at the specialist’s office when everything turns out fine).

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