Woke up tonight in a panic attack with my chest tight, gasping for air. Recently got sick yesterday, & have been fighting a cold all day. Unfortunately my congestion has become so severe that i can hardly breathe, even while standing. To make it worse, I’m out of my inhaler. : Asthma

I have exercise- and cold weather-induced asthma. Am I boned? : Asthma

Are there any remedy’s or breathing techniques i can use to ease my breathing for tonight. I am hopeful i can go back to sleep right now (1:53 AM – slept around 10:30PM).

I have not had any asthma problems in the last 2 years, so i thought it would be alright to go a bit longer without refilling my medication. (Mistake)

Some bg info, i live on campus apartments but i do not have the school medical insurance, only my own. I also don’t have a car. Some quick advice would-be helpful, thanks.

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